This parish-based study provides an excellent introduction and overview of the Bible from a Catholic perspective. Presented by Jeff Cavins, the Quick Journey study briefly covers salvation history in a series of eight, half-hour talks that are complemented by group discussion questions, useful maps and charts, and brief assignments for home study. This study makes the complexity of the Bible simple through an easy-to-follow narrative approach and an ingenious color-coded Bible timeline. This is a great way to "get your feet wet" and learn how to begin authentic Catholic Bible study.

You Will:

·         Learn the 14 narrative books of the Bible and the 12 major time periods of salvation history.

·         Discover the major people, places, events, & themes of the Bible.

·         Study the six covenants God made with humanity, leading to the establishment of the Catholic Church.

·         See how the 14 narrative books fit in with the other 59 books of the Bible.

·         Learn how to use the color-coded tools to remember the important time-periods of the Old and New Testaments.


Our Ishpeming parishes are very grateful to Tom and Joyce Dupras who recently purchased the Quick Journey DVD set for us!


If you are interested in joining a small group to do the Quick Journey study, call the Faith Formation Center and we’ll work with you to try to establish a group now!