Guidelines and Expectations for preparing for 

Infant Baptism



The baptism of an infant is a new opportunity to appreciate the meaning of Baptism, as well as parents’ responsibilities towards the wonderful new life that God has placed in their care.  The guidelines and expectations for preparing for Baptism at St. John the Evangelist and St. Joseph parishes are detailed below. The first step in arrangeing for Baptism is to contact the parish office where you are or are planning to register.


Baptism Celebrations
The Catholic parishes in Ishpeming celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism throughout the year, except during Lent.  Baptism is a celebration of the whole faith community and should take place in the presence of the parish community.  For this reason, baptisms are usually celebrated during a regularly scheduled Parish Mass.  Other times are possible.

Expectations of Parents
Catholic parents should attend Mass regularly and participate as fully as possible in the spiritual and sacramental life of the church.  The parents’ life should exhibit an understanding of the Catholic faith and a commitment to Catholic moral and social values.  Parents also assume the responsibilities for their child’s religious formation.  You’ll be asked to make this commitment during the Baptismal Rite.  Additionally, parents should be prepared to provide a nurturing family life in which children will see and experience Catholic faith and values in practice.

Catholic parents who are not active in the church might use the occasion of their child’s baptism to re-examine their relationship to the church and to consider the possibility of resuming active participation in the spiritual and sacramental life of the Catholic community.

The Catholic Church hopes that parents of other Christian denominations will use the resources of their own faith tradition to assist in the faith formation of their children.

Parent Formation and Education
The Catholic parishes in Ishpeming provide adult formation opportunities for parents to continue in their own lifelong faith journey.  Participation in the monthly Together in Faith, whole-church formation sessions is recommended for parents following the baptism of their child, as well as for all members of the parish community.  Adult Bible Study and other religious education opportunities for adults are also offered.  For information about continuing formation for parents, contact the Faith Formation Center, 486-9361.


(Baptism Sponsors)

In the early church, sponsors served as witnesses who testified to the good intentions and worthiness of adults who were being baptized.

Today, Baptism Sponsors of infants and young children serve as representatives of the wider faith community.  They pledge to assist the parents in showing and teaching the young child about God’s love, their faith as Catholic Christians, and their eternal destiny as children of God.  The Sponsor’s presence at the Baptism ceremony symbolizes an important spiritual and personal relationship between the Godparent, the child, the parents, and the broader church community.  This is a relationship and a responsibility which lasts a lifetime.  At least one Godparent or sponsor must be an active Catholic who has been baptized and confirmed, and is at least 16 years old.  Other baptized Christians may serve as a Witness with a Catholic Sponsor.  It is customary to choose two Godparents or Sponsors, but only one is necessary.  Godparents or Sponsors may be of either gender.



Parish Offices: St. John the Evangelist Parish • 486-6212 • 325 S. Pine St., Ishpeming
St. Joseph Parish 485-4200 • 1889 Prairie Ave., Ishpeming